Getting started with Azure Service Bus with MassTransit

MassTransit is a free and open-source library that helps you build message-based applications and services in .NET. At the time of writing, it supports RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, and AmazonSqs. MassTransit provides a framework that makes it easy to send and publish messages as well as receiving them. If you've…»

How to save time writing unit and integration tests with AutoFixture

Writing Unit and integration tests are generally composed of setting up relevant test data, carrying the actual execution of the test, and finally making assertions. All this can be summarised as the AAA syntax. That is, Arrange, Act, and Assert. With AutoFixture, it can significantly save you time by taking…»

How to get a Visa for China for residents in the UK

This guide is primarily aimed at UK Citizens and Europeans living in the UK who are traveling to China and need to obtain a Visa. If, however, you are of a different nationality in the UK, this guide will still be able to help as the process is very similar.…»

Useful Git Commands

Having used Git for a good few years now, over time I have aquired a list of Git commands. Some very frequent and used daily. Other's not so much. But, on a certain occasion and the "uh-oh" moment, I find them rather useful to get me out of…»

How to Build a Simple Slack Crypto App Tutorial

Slack needs little introduction and if you're familiar or aware, they also have apps within Slack that help you with your workflow and day-to-day tasks. If you can't find an app from the official Slack App directory, you can always build your own. In this post, I'll be covering how…»

How to create a SQL Server login for Microsoft SQL Server

The most common SQL Server Connection for development environments in .NET are Data Source=localhost; Database=your_test_db; Trusted_Connection=True. Notice the Trusted_Connection is set to True and a username and password is not supplied. This is because it uses Windows Authentication. At times this is not…»

A Step by Step Guide on How to Host and Deploy an ASP NET Core app with SSL using Let's Encrypt, Traefik and Docker - Take 2

In this post I describe how to deploy an ASP.NET Core app that has been dockerized and host it on a Linux machine with SSL enabled for free. This is all possible using Traefik, a reverse proxy and load balancer and its integration with Let's Encrypt. On Reflection In…»

How to Automatically Backup a Self-Hosted Ghost Blog and Upload to AWS S3

If you have a Ghost blog like myself, self-hosted, and you're trying to find out how to backup your blog. Well, I might be able to help. Having done some Googling and finding out various approaches I thought I should share and outline the approach I took. Prerequisites A self-hosted…»

How to Encrypt SQL Server using TDE on Docker

Summary In my previous post, how to install and host SQL Server on Linux , I described how to install SQL Server using Docker on Linux with just a Docker Compose file. In this post, I explore things a bit further by turning on transparent data encryption (TDE) which addresses how…»

How to install and host SQL Server on Linux with Docker for 10 dollars a month

As I'm learning more about Docker, the more I'm starting to love the versility of it. In this post, I will walk through how to launch SQL Server 2017 on a Linux machine using Docker where I'll be hosting it on DigitalOcean. It's worth mentioning that Sql Server 2017 does…»